At Plasti-Fab we believe that installation of the parts we make is an extension of the customer service we provide our clients.  Over the past 30 years Plasti-Fab has completed hundreds of installations both large and small.  Not only are we highly skilled at the onsite work we do, but we are also fully insured and well versed in safety procedures.  Our installers show up on time and bring their own equipment and when they leave the jobsite will be clean.

Plasti-Fab has done an extremely wide variety of installations.  We have installed production line covers in coffee plants, bottling plants and pharmaceutical lines.  We have installed decorative palm tree covers for the Galleria and custom chandeliers in the Ser Steakhouse in the Anatole Hotel.  We have installed inside corporate lobbies such as General Motors, EDS and Essilor.  Plasti-Fab has done several installations inside DFW International Airport and even in the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. 

Plasti-Fab doesn’t mind doing the small installations either.  Weather its sneeze guards and salad bar tops in restaurants, displays in a museum or retail store or even moving your valuable Acrylic furniture we will handle the job with the professionalism that you expect and deserve.

The 30 years of working with plastics has given Plasti-Fab the skills and experience to know how to handle the materials without damage and how to get even the toughest installations done right the first time.

So weather its custom formed light lenses in Children’s Hospital or a staircase guard to protect your children remember Plasti-Fab can always install what we design and produce.

Plasti-Fab will also do onsite repairs to plastic components such as broken Machine covers, welded Polypropylene tanks or POP Displays.  We can restore and polish large Fish tanks and have even polished the windows for the Fort Worth Zoos Bear Exhibit.

If you’re custom job will require an installation when it is complete, making Plasti-Fab your fabricator is the wise choice. 

We Manufacture And Install…

…we install many custom projects at the customer’s locations as well as sneeze guards, machine guards, and many custom projects for restaurants.