Plastic Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming Plastic

Vacuum Form Plastic

Vacuum Forming plastic is a process where heat and pressure are combined to produce a wide array of finished plastic parts.  The Vacuum Forming method can be used on many different thermoplastics.  These plastics include but are not limited to ABS, Acrylic, Styrene, Lexan, PETG, HDPE and PVC. 

Vacuum Forming has several key benefits that make it a very popular method of producing both simple and very complex parts.  One of the biggest benefits to Vacuum Forming is that you are able to produce parts out of 1 monolithic piece instead of using several pieces that must be bonded or fastened together.  This gives you a stronger more durable part that will have a more finished or molded look than a typical fabricated part.  Another major benefit to forming is that you can produce geometry or shapes that would be difficult and expensive to produce with another method such as machining, fabricating or molding.  Many times a part that is vacuum Formed will actually be less costly than a fabricated part because there are fewer machining and assembly steps required to produce the finished part.  Dimensional tolerance and geometry consistency from part to part is another benefit to using Vacum Forming as your method of production.  Because each part is formed against the same master tool each part is exactly the same as the previous part.  This tool is very durable and can be used to produce parts for many years and the parts will all be the same as the very first part produced.

Contrary to what many people believe Vacuum Forming can be used to produce prototypes as well as production runs.  At Plasti-Fab Inc. we produce a great deal of Vacuum Formed parts in quantities of 1 to 100 pieces for our clients.  Many of which had been told that their quantity was to low for Vacuum Forming simply because another shop did not want to do the work necessary to produce a tool and set up the job for the quantity required.  Plasti-Fab designs and produces our forming tools in our own shop to help keep cost down and providing significant savings for our clients whether they need just 1 prototype or thousands of production pieces.

Plasti-Fab will use all of its 30 plus years of experience to design and produce your next Vacuum Formed part so that it will exceed your quality expectations, meet your deadline and we will do it all at a surprisingly low cost.